Pienza The Perfect Renaissance City

Pienza, was nothing but a small village until 1462 when Pope Pius II passing again from his birthplace from Rome to Mantua decided to transform the look of his birthplace into a new concept of what should have been a renaissance city. He chose the architect Bernardo Rossellino, who applied the principles of his mentor, Leon Battista Alberti giving to the city a new vision of urban space who realized the superb square known as Piazza Pio II and the buildings around it: the Piccolomini Palace, the Borgia Palace and the cathedral with its pure Renaissance exterior, and an interior in the late Gothic style of south German churches represents a rare and delicate balance of both Gothic and Renaissance forms.

Pienzas Civil Ceremonies are held in the 15th Century Renaissance Palace which has an absolutely enchanting loggia on the ground floor. The Civil Wedding is held in on the first floor in the Council Hall. Its interiors are beautifully furnished with Gothic antiques, heraldry and frescoes with and exceptional view to the Tuscan Country side.This location is ideal for small wedding ceremonies, the maximum number of guests allowed in the Hall is 40.It is also possible to arrange and organize Non Denominational Weddings in a former Cloister as well as Religious Weddings in the adjacent Church of St. Francis.


  • The perfect Renaissance town – in miniature.
  • The extraordinary views of the Orcia Valley from the Via dell’Amore – the Way of Love.
  • Intimate due to the low number of inhabitants (2250) and authentic.
  • Airport nearby: Pisa (over 2 hours) or Rome (3 hours approximately)
  • Best time for a Pienza wedding: April through October.
  • It is also possible to organize Wine Tasting Tours, Gastronomic Tours, Biking, Hiking, and other related activities.