It is the largest fountain in Rome and also the best known and most beautiful in the city. It is the only one of the ancient aqueducts of Rome that has been in uninterrupted use until today.

It is a monumental work admired by tourists from all over the world. Its construction is due to the will of Pope Clement XII, who called a tender among the best architects of the time. This was finally assigned to the architect Nicola Salvi, but its construction was completed by Giuseppe Pannini, who slightly modified it to add the two lateral basins. Neither Pope Clement XII nor the architect Nicola Salvi could see it finished.

The Trevi Fountain is located next to Palazzo Poli. It is composed, in the center, by the god Oceano pulled by two winged horses and to whom the work itself is commemorated; on the right, by the virgin maiden who indicates to the Roman soldiers where the water is; and on the left by Agrippa who orders the beginning of the construction of the aqueduct.

Among the best-known traditions about the Trevi Fountain is the tossing of a coin while standing on your back and closing your eyes. In addition to being an omen of good luck, it is said to guarantee the return to the Eternal City. The myth, according to the movie “Three Coins” from 1954 also tells that if you throw one coin, you will fly to Rome, if you throw two you will get love with a handsome Italian man or woman and if you throw three coins you will marry him or her.

In case you didn’t know, the Trevi Fountain collects about 3000 euros a day. The data is given by the Diocesan Caritas which is the only one authorized to withdraw the euros thrown into it.

It is said that the first to throw a coin and that gave rise to the tradition was Wolfgang Helbig, a German archaeologist of the 1800s who studied and worked in Rome, giving rise to a propitiatory rite of early return to the Eternal City.

Another more recent tradition, however, tells us that when the boys had to travel for work or leave for military service, their girlfriends made them drink a glass of water from the fountain located to the right of the main basin, then the glass had to be broken to consecrate eternal fidelity and auspicious his soon return.

Whether you want to toss a coin or not, the Trevi Fountain is one of the must-see places to visit if you are in Rome.